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The Math and Literacy Independence Movement

Over 12 million children in the United States live in marginalized and disenfranchised communities and lag behind their literacy and math peers. The Georgia Poverty Rate reports 1 out of 5.9 residents live in poverty, equating to 16.9% of residents in Georgia living in poverty, ranking moderately higher than the national average. Research shows that children living in these low-income areas tend to have deficits in early learning skills. They are directly affected by poverty, which causes stressors for them and their families.

More than 20% of Georgia residents in poverty are enrolled in schools, and another 14.1% are not, and many are homeless. To this end, they struggle to achieve academic success in reading and math. Many of these children suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence, crippling their aptitude for performing well. With schools going virtual, children in these locations need extra support. Losing-in-person contact with teachers disproportionately impacts those living in disenfranchised areas contributing to inequalities in our educational system. Children are missing critical skills to become academically successful.

Children in impoverished communities suffer the most academically because they do not have the school day's support systems: our program, THE M.A.L.I. MOVEMENT's (The Math and Literacy Independence Movement) mission is to close the achievement gap by bringing equity to children in these targeted areas.  The MALI Movement equips children in marginalized communities by supporting their academic needs in literacy and mathematics, developing a growth mindset by fostering relationships that support improvement in study skills, work habits, and self-esteem. We provide free tutorial services for children in these neighborhoods located in the greater Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. By providing tutorial services in these targeted areas, children have an opportunity to become stronger readers, writers, and more confident in math, which will boost their self-worth to thrive academically. 

Rubymac Learning Academy strongly believes that children can have vibrant and full lives, given the resources and tools needed, and become active-engaged citizens in their communities and the world. However, we need your support to continue this grassroots endeavor. Your donations to THE MALI MOVEMENT are much appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible.

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